Macro Coaching

Macro Coaching includes body scan/measurements every 4 weeks, macro and calorie ranges based off of your goals and weekly check ins for accountability.
Members: $60

Meal Plans

Meal Plans include body scan/measurements every 4 weeks, macro coaching, macro specific meal plans based off of your goals with grocery lists, delicious recipes and more in depth coaching one on one.
Members: $175



In my search to find incredible energy as well as results I realized we didn’t have all the possibilities laid out when it came to nutrition. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 8 years and the only options I could see were to starve myself, eat a magical shake, give up good food forever or just forget about it, needless to say a lot of heartbreak happened before I realized those weren’t good enough options for me. So, I created my own program and have been working successfully with hundreds of clients for several years now.

I am thrilled to be a part of the LIFT team here in Spokane. I have a special affinity for athletes in my work. I love when performance levels are achieved while working towards body composition goals. I see this as an incredible opportunity to bring exercise and nutrition together for optimal results. AND if you are saying “I’m not an athlete Rachel” then I would ask: “Do you wake up saying ‘I don’t feel like working out today?” Well so do I, and THAT makes you (and I) an athlete. Non-athletes don’t even give it a second thought. I’m excited to work with you as an athlete, to support you as you reach your goals and above all to ENJOY the journey and have some fun.


  • Nutrition


  • Founder of LifeStyle Design, Rachel Rowley, LLC
  • Spin Instructor

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